Pool Water Level, Where is Best?

Pool Water Level

I’ve been asked before, how much water is too much or too little? An easy answer is always keep your water level at least one inch above the skimmer. If water drops below the skimmer your pump will be pulling in air. This will lower the life of your pool pump’s motor, and those aren’t cheap to replace. Many people ask me to lower their water for them because they think it’s too high. If the water level is one inch above the skimmer, and does not overflow out of the pool or cover the skimmer opening then your water level is fine. Keeping the water too high on the skimmer opening can lower the flow rate of water into the skimmer, which can cause debris to pass by the skimmer opening. Some people like it higher and some lower. Just remember it’s important to keep the skimmer in mind!

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