How-To Guide: Cleaning Out a Skimmer Basket

Full Pool Skimmer

Some pools can have a pretty bad time with getting debris stuck in the pool skimmer and basket. Leaves and dead animals can not only clog the skimmer system, but add bacteria into your pool. The skimmer basket should be cleaned out at the minimum once a week, some pools even require it more often than that. If your pool has heavy and large amounts of leaves in the surrounding area, you should consider checking up on your skimmer basket every few days. Or at the very least taking off the lid and checking up on it. Your pool service should always clean out your skimmer basket, but in between visits the debris can build up fast. Here’s how you should go about cleaning out your skimmer:

  1. With the pool still running, remove the skimmer lid.
  2. Check how high the debris build up in the skimmer is. If the debris is close to or past the top of the skimmer basket, manually remove it with your hands until the debris is at a minimum of a few inches below the top of the removable basket. This is done to ensure when we remove the basket no leaves spill out over the basket and get sucked into the circulation system.
  3. If you know how to, turn off your pool circulation system. If not, just be very careful with the next following steps.
  4. Remove the skimmer basket and empty it. It is important to not have any loose debris sucked into the skimmer line, as it can create a clog or build up in your system.
  5. If needed, hose any of the debris stuck within the plastic mesh of the basket, and then replace it back into the skimmer.
  6. Replace the lid to your skimmer, and if your turned off your circulation system, turn it back on.
Empty Skimmer Basket
Now look how more efficiently your pools skimmer will be pulling in water and removing newly added pool debris.

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One thought on “How-To Guide: Cleaning Out a Skimmer Basket

  1. I’ve been getting a lot of leaves in my pool from my neighbor’s trees this fall and I’m considering getting a pool skimmer to take them out, so knowing how to clean out a skimmer will really help. Turning off the circulation system while cleaning is definitely a good idea, and I’ll make sure that I do that. It sounds like I’ll want to talk to the installer about how to turn off the circulation system, though, so I might do that before getting the skimmer.

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