D.E. Filters – What’s Different About Backwashing and Breaking it Down?

When talking about a D.E. filter, there are a couple of terms you should be familiar with First, D.E. stands for Diatomaceous Earth. This is actually a white powder with the consistency of flour. Attached to your filter is valve with a lever. This is used to change where we want the flow of water to go. When backwashing, I use this lever and point it from filter to backwash. What this does is “backwashes” or dumps all of the D.E. powder out of your system. The D.E. powder has been working hard, collecting dirt and particles. When we remove the water and D.E. powder mixture, it might be gray to black depending on how much dirt the filter has collected. The process for this takes a few minutes. When done, I take fresh powder and add it back into the filter.

Some times the filter can get backed up and clog. About once every year we need to breakdown the entire filter system. To begin I must release and pressure, and remove the band for around the middle of the filter. Inside the filter is a element which can be compared to a cartridge filter, this holds the D.E. powder. This element needs to be physically removed and cleaned thoroughly. When the element is replaced and the filter put back together, we can add fresh D.E. powder to the filter.

Both kinds of cleaning should only be done if you are comfortable with the system. Many things must be done in order, and properly, or the system may break in several places or cause harmful damage to the person. We do both these methods for D.E. filters. If you think your D.E. filter needs to be broken down contact us, we would love to help!

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