Recommended Products

These are products Ashley’s Pool Service personally uses and/or recommend to their customers.

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Pool Test Strips

The best way to check the levels of your pool chlorine is by using a chlorine test. You can quickly do this at home by using the AquaCheck 7 Test Strips. We personally use these every day to check the chlorine levels of my customer’s pools because I believe they are accurate and user friendly. In addition, they show seven of the important chemical levels, including hardness, pH, and cyanuric acid, that impact pool cleanliness and health.


Suction Pool Vacuum

The XtremePowerUS pool vacuum is a decent budget friendly pool vacuum for most consumers. You can read our full review in our blog post The Best Budget Vacuum for Most Consumers, but I recommend this vacuum for most pools for owners who are on a tight budget.


Motor & Filter O-ring Lube

It’s important to keep o-rings for your pool motor and filter lubed and clean. This prevent’s air leakage, drying, cracking, and suction loss of your pool circulation. We solely use Magic Lube for 8+ years of professional pool service.


 Salt Testing Kit

You should manually check the salt level of your pool if you believe that your salt cell is reading incorrectly. Salt levels too far over or under the limits of your salt cell can cause problems with your system. I personally se and recommend the AquaChek Salt Test Strips.