Pool Vacuum Types: Pressure, Robotic, or Suction

Pressure Driven Vacuums

The biggest part of buying any pool vacuum is choosing the best one for your pool’s specific needs. Many people who have existing vacuums may not realize that there are different vacuum types available. One of the most popular vacuums is the Polaris. They have a pump, which pushes water out of the back of the vacuum and into a chamber, both propelling and pushing debris into a collective bag or net. These are typically the most expensive, requiring a separate pump to be added or used. These are best for pools with large debris: acorns, twigs, and leaves are the main debris that this vacuum is best at picking up. The bag that the Polaris has does not hold on to dirt in many cases, and many people find themselves disappointed if there is dirt still in their pool. There is normally one speed for the Polaris as well, so there is little control on how fast he speeds through the pool.

Robotic Vacuums

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