Tips for Keeping Your Pool Blue – Communication!

Communication of something small can be a big help

I have a personal belief that phone calls from a pool customer can be a great thing, it especially helps when we perform your pool service. Timely communication between the pool owner and the service technician about problems ensures the problem is understood and can be treated quickly. Remember that this is your pool and becoming more familiar and  knowledgeable is something I’d love to help you with. If you think that something is wrong with your pool, always communicate it to me no matter how little you might think it is. Being there for a short period once a week may not be enough to notice some problems. When you swim do your eyes burn? Is there a funny smell in your pool? Do you see something I don’t?

Many people don’t report these things for many reasons. By reaching out for knowledge you can learn if the problem is normal, can be fixed, or even alert me to an issue that I can fix before it becomes a problem. Many people are busy, but Email is a great way to reach me on your own time. Email me your questions or concerns at or if it’s an emergency call me as soon as possible. My job is to make sure you are swimming safely and happily, lets work together to make sure this always happens. Small problems can easily turn into large problems, and the smaller the problem generally the easier and cheaper it is to remedy.


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