What is a Leaf Canister, and Should I Get One?

Leaf CanisterSubstantial amounts of leaves and debris can wreak havoc on your pump and circulation

system. If your pool isn’t screened in and has large quantities of leaves or debris like pine needles that will constantly fall into your pool, your circulation system could end up running at a diminished capacity, or worse clogged, when your vacuum picks up too much of it.

A leaf canister is a simple part added on to your vacuum hose to pick up debris that are collected from the bottom of your pool. They can range from $30-50 and can be easily bought online. The most popular leaf canister is the Hayward W560 Leaf Canister. If you have a vacuum, you know that debris is collected as the vacuum runs throughout the day. Where are those leaves and debris going? Best case, they end up in a small collection basket in your motor assembly, and this fills up fast. When this basket gets full, it could end up slowing your pool circulation and putting unnecessary strain on your motor. The motor basket is small, and is meant for collecting small, stray debris. These fill up easily and water cannot pass. A leaf canister allows leaves to collect in a safe chamber, which allows water to pass by. They can be emptied easily and are effective for collection. We can place a leaf canister in for your pool, and you can take that strain off your filter and allow your vacuum to collect more of those pesky leafs.

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